Pro Tip:
Please come in completely dry, free of sweat and body lotion. Men must be wearing dry underwear. Don't worry - if you forget, they have moisture-stripping body wipes for you.
Free parking is available in the back of the building, which can be accessed off of 10th Street.

Santa Monica


Why Seven Sessions?

Seven Sessions in 7 Days for only $150. Best way to experience cryo (based on research), and the best deal in Los Angeles.

Benefits: Less Inflammation in your body in one session. (research link from NIH)

One session normally $50. You can get your first 7 for $150 to use over 7 days and decrease inflammation system wide, feel better, sleep better, and live better.


924 Wilshire Blvd

Santa Monica, CA 90401 

+1 424-231-8500

Why Seven Sessions?

We recommend 7 sessions in 7 days to truly understand how whole body cryotherapy can impact your system. We will give you two choices of machines for the seven days and make it very easy to book online

By purchasing below the seven sessions will automatically be added to your account using your email that you input at purchase, and we will donate 5% of the proceeds to charity. Ease your body and improve society by trying out 7 sessions, and we will donate to a local cause that improves the lives of women and children


Buy Seven Sessions in 7 days

Services Offered At CryoZone

Whole Body Cryotherapy: Three Minutes of extreme cold from the neck down to the toes

Local Cryotherapy: Facial Freeze or spot treatments on area of your choice

Normatec: 25 minutes of Compression therapy for your legs

T-Shock: 50 minutes of non surgical face lift, skin tightening in area of your choice, or fat cell destruction thru cryolipolysis

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